Nappanee Club Update Fall 2020

We recently celebrated our one year birthday in the new Shea & Leavitt Families Nappanee Clubhouse. We modified the celebration due to our COVID restrictions, but our Team and Club members had a blast celebrating our beautiful building. Members reflected on their favorite thing about the Club, sang Happy Birthday to the Club, and of course, had cake! Even though our programming looks and feels different right now, the Nappanee Team is adjusting and still making it a point to celebrate with our Club members.

Mission Moment

We recently celebrated World Kindness Day. Our members colored bags with special words of encouragement and pictures. Members then packed the bags with goodies such as candy, markers, coloring books, and special paper! As members left the Club, they each got to pick out the bag that meant the most to them. This lesson in kindness and compassion is so valuable! Members also wrote thank you cards to all of the Team Members. Their words of gratitude are especially meaningful as we continue to face daily challenges. They are encouraging us to do Whatever It Takes to fulfill our mission!

Program Highlight

One of our new winter programs is Walking Wednesday. This is a running/jogging/walking/skipping program that allows members to exercise and burn off some energy over the cold winter months. Members will track their progress throughout the program. For our introductory session, members collectively ran 518 laps, which equals 25.9 miles!

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Thomas on Walking Wednesday!