I think the Club is definitely setting them up for success long term and I would like to see them continue to grow and develop the experiences they’ve had here. They’re getting the building blocks here that they need to have a successful future.”

Alice, mother

They can be part of Lego League. They can go to art class. They can be part of the three-on-three basketball or soccer. So it’s not just being here and playing on the playground or being in a classroom. It’s actually letting them make choices and being part of other programs.”

Meredith, mother

I like the respect the staff gives to the kids. They make you feel welcomed. And that’s the one thing about (Club) that most places don’t offer. It just makes it comfortable to come here every day.”

Corey, member

The more you come to Club, the more you change. I’ve seen a lot of kids grow to their full potential and develop into what they could be instead of what they are or what they look like. I’ve seen a lot of kids change from being a person who has bad grades to someone who’s this scholar and doing all this math and all this reading.”

Neer, member

A second family. Emotional support. Mentors who lift you up in your time of greatest need. These are the moments that add up to great futures. Although we served thousands of young people last year, thousands more still need our help. We can’t do that without you. Thank you in advance for your generosity.



It’s no secret things are pretty tough right now. The problems in the world today feel huge.
Because they are.
But there is hope. Real hope. We see it every day in our children.
Today’s young people are tomorrow’s leaders,
innovators and problem solvers –
the ones who will make good on “enough is enough.”

Too many kids don’t have a safe place to go after school,
aren’t sure where their next meal will come from and often don’t have the support they need to prepare for college or a career.

You can change that with one simple action in 2023.

When you give what you can to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Elkhart County,
you’re not only giving children the meals, mentors and meaningful life experiences they need most right now;
you’re making it possible for them to become the leaders we’re counting on to create a better future.

They’re the only next generation we’ve got.
We’re counting on them.
They’re counting on us.
Thank you for giving them what matters.

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On average, for Club members participating in the 2021-22 Indiana Kids program

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