Middlebury Club Update Fall 2020

Thanks to you, we returned to our newly renovated and expanded building in August. Club members were so excited to be back at the Club after being gone for one whole year. They loved all of the added spaces, their favorite feature being the iWall! Club members shared that they were happy to have two separate game rooms and were excited about the extended and remodeled teen center and a new cafeteria.

Programing takes place in a pod format that keeps Club members separated by schools. Each pod stays in one room of the Club. We also require face masks at all times in the Club.

With all of the changes kids are experiencing right now, it’s more important than ever for us to check-in to see how they are doing mentally and emotionally. We want them to know that the Club is a safe place for them to express how they are feeling.

To help the Club members experience the whole Club like they used to, we began rotating the pods to different rooms every week. Club members have been enjoying room rotations and programs in a safe environment.

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We have a Weekly Program Schedule that includes active time, art, homework time, choice time, and a fun community building for Club members. Members have still been able to have a positive Club experience even with the Covid-19 restrictions.

Our 1st-3rd grade Cadets enjoy competing in a Paper Airplane Challenge. They launch their paper airplanes from the upstairs landing to see which plane flies the farthest! Smiles and laughter all around!