Middlebury Club Members Experimenting With “Textured Art”

Middlebury Club Members Experimenting With “Textured Art”

Girl placing drywall paste onto a canvas.

Middlebury Club Members Experimenting With “Textured Art”

Budding artists at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Elkhart County’s Middlebury Clubhouse are experimenting with a variety of materials to create their works.

Art Coordinator Marisa Lutton said she wanted to give them opportunities to work with materials they may not experience in other programs.

Girl mixing paint in a small container.“We are using things we don’t normally use when painting. Sometimes, it’s simply adding baking soda to the paint to give it some texture,” she said. “We’ve also used drywall paste and they develop texture using their fingers, spoons or forks.”

The artists are encouraged to get their hands dirty and experiment.

“They can make mistakes, and it’s easily corrected. Sometimes, the mistakes turn out better than the original intention,” Lutton said.

“It’s just so easy going. I like when it can be a little crazy. You don’t have to stop when you mess up and start over,” said Jazzi.

The members seem to enjoy mixing the paint and different materials to find just the right combination for their projects.

Boy and girl mixing paint in small container with paint brushes.“We’re trying to create a sandy texture to the paint,” said Landon, who was busy adding baking soda to his paint. “The texture should be like the beach to make it more realistic.”

Lutton said she’s been pleased with the response to the program.

“At first, they’re a little hesitant to do it because it’s messy, but when they get into it, they love it,” she said. “When the boys see the mess, they definitely want to come in and give it a try.”

Lutton said the program gives members a safe place to experiment.

“It doesn’t have to be a structured or major work of art,” she said. “I told them I’ve never done textured art before, so this is something I’m learning with them!”

Lutton plans to continue offering the program at Club and will expand it to the younger kids this summer.