Goshen Club Update Fall 2020

Thanks to you, our Goshen Club is making the most of each day, providing stability to kids and families while showing them how to overcome obstacles.

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Program Highlight: EcoSistema

One way we support our members is through the EcoSistema music program. This program is a partnership with the Club, Horizon Education Alliance, and Goshen College. Our instructors have done a fantastic job of adapting an already successful program to meet members’ needs during this pandemic.

EcoSistema has grown to provide a weekly ‘Music Monday’ to our members, giving each child a chance to explore and try new instruments. There is a group of younger Club members that meet for Song Circle along with two orchestra groups. In addition to group instruction, Club members also receive a weekly private lesson. Members who are not currently attending school or Club receive the equipment needed to participate from home with virtual lessons. We have seen remarkable growth in our members’ musical ability, confidence, and sense of belonging.

Art Week at Club

During our Marketplace-sponsored Art Week at the Goshen Club, members expressed themselves in a few different forms and mediums. The entire Club participated in daily art programs within their pods, broadening the experiences they were able to have together at Club. Members reflected on themselves while working on an 8″x 8″ self-portrait with a black marker. There is some real beauty to these self-portraits alone, but the project did not stop there. Each member added a thin coat of colored paint to their self-portrait. Once complete, these will hang around the Club in a rainbow format, representing that the rainbow is not whole without each of the colors. Although different, each color is essential to complete the rainbow. The same goes for our members; each is different, but they help complete the Club by being themselves.

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