Elkhart Club Update Winter 2021

Hope and Opportunity

Hope and Opportunity are what we strive to provide to those we serve. When we have the opportunity to change a life, we do just that. In December we had a family who had fallen on hard times. When they notified the Club of their hard times, the Club team sprung into action. Ms. Alice was able to connect the family with United Way and Salvation Army. With the generous help of donors, we were able to provide this family with food and a gift card to purchase the necessary items needed for their household. This is a prime example of doing #whateverittakes to ensure our members and families have what they need to succeed.

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Torch Club Gives Back

Torch Club was able to design and create a centerpiece that was donated to the Salvation Army. The centerpiece was then auctioned off and the funds would go to support Elkhart families in need. Our Torch Club worked together to create a beautiful piece of art. Each member painted and designed the piece that they became very proud of.

While doing the Salvation Army project, Torch Club hosted a donation drive for the local Humane Society. They collected items such as food, toys, and litter to be donated on behalf of the Elkhart Torch Club.

Whatever It Takes for Academic Excellence

Our team has worked very hard to ensure the members have their needs met academically. With this commitment, our staff is going above and beyond to help the members. Our staff can be found talking to teachers, reaching out to school counselors, talking to school social workers, sending emails to parents, and even driving across town to pick up iPads and workbooks. They are doing Whatever It Takes to help our youth be successful.