Elkhart Club Teens Have a Memorable Fall Break

The fall break is one of the best times of the year for students to unwind and take a break from school work. It’s also a great time to explore and discover new places while having fun. For the teens in Elkhart Club, this year’s fall break was an exciting one filled with college visits, food adventures, and thrills.

The students started their fall break by visiting the Indiana

University South Bend (IUSB) campus. They learned about college admissions, financial aid and scholarships, and also got to tour the campus. The highlight of their visit to IUSB was taking a photo on the bridge, in the classroom, and with a woman at the podium. It was a great opportunity for the teens to experience college life and understand what it takes to be a successful student.


Food was also a huge part of their fall break adventure. The students headed to Steak n Shake for a quick bite and shakes. They enjoyed the scrumptious burgers, fries, and fried chicken while sipping on the classic Steak n Shake milkshakes. The photos they took while dining at Steak n Shake captured the fun and good vibes shared during this outing.

The students’ final adventure saw them head to Niles Scream Park. This was definitely not for the faint-hearted. The park is well-known for its scary attractions, fire pits and live entertainment. The teens had an incredible time navigating through the dark and creepy hallways. They all got an adrenaline rush as they moved from one horror-themed attraction to the next.

In summary, the Elkhart Club Teens enjoyed a variety of experiences during their adventurous fall break. They visited colleges to learn about the next chapter of their academic journey, dined at Steak n Shake for delicious and satisfying meals and ended their break with thrills and chills at the Niles Scream Park. This was surely a fall break that they will always remember!