ECoSistema is a Goshen Club Favorite

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Music has been one of Club’s favorite programs from this year! ECoSistema improves members lives though music and social change. On Music Mondays, EcoSistema program provides interactive music lessons to every Member at Club since August. However even with this expanded program, one thing was missing from previous years. Sharing learning and progress with families is a key part of ECoSistema’s framework to engage the whole family in music. In previous years, this space was created on Saturday mornings at Club. Families could come, listen to members perform while also engaging in song circle as a family. Social distancing restrictions limited this part of the program. ECoSistema instructors, Kent and Hillary, recorded and uploaded an entire Winter Concert to YouTube to share with our Club families and supporters. Club hosted a watch party with popcorn while they got to see themselves and their friends on the big screen. We are so happy that EcoSistema is brings our members a sense of belonging, competence, and fun! Attached is a link for you to enjoy this performance from our Goshen Club members.

Click here to watch the winter concert