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Girls On The Run has a simple mission: Confidence through accomplishment. Each session comes to an end with a joyful and fun non-competitive 5K. It gives girls a tangible sense of confidence to be the author of her story. Smoker Craft has been supporting Club activities for more than 23 years.

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Girls On The Run helps third through fifth grade girls to build confidence and other life skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and physical activity. Lessons focus on building social and physical skills while encouraging healthy habits for life. The research-based curriculum includes three parts: Understanding ourselves, valuing relationships and teamwork and recognizing how we shape the world at large.

  • 3-22-2022

    2022 Season Kicks Off

    Members at the Goshen Club are getting prepared for Girls On The Run. Third through fifth grade girls start each session with a lesson to help build the team. They then do drills to get them into shape for the Girls On The Run event later in the spring.

    The girls are having a great time interacting with their volunteer coaches and each other! It’s great to see their team spirit and the work they’re putting into achieving their goals!

    The program is designed to build confidence and other life skills through interactive lessons and physical activity. Lessons focus on building social and physical skills while encouraging healthy habits for life.

  • 4-19-2022

    Goshen Club members treated to new shoes

    Thanks to Fleet Feet in Mishawaka and Girls On The Run, the team from Goshen Club was outfitted with new running shoes! Each girl had her feet measured with the store’s electronic technology and then was custom fitted with shoes to make their running safe and efficient. What a great way to ensure success in the program!

  • 05-16-2022

    Girls On The Run Team Takes Part In 5K

    Congratulations to our Girls On The Run team from the Goshen Club. They ran a 5K over the weekend. These young people are putting a ton of effort into developing healthy lifestyles and learning new skills. These pictures show the before the race fun and their medals after!

  • 03-27-2023

    Girls Ready For 2023 Challenge

    Girls at the Goshen Clubhouse are spending two afternoons a week getting ready for a spring 5K run.

    Girls running in the gym. Girls running in the gym.

    At a recent practice, the girls learned how to avoid negative self-talk. They talked about inner voices where girls tell themselves why they can’t do something.

    “When we find ourselves thinking those things, we need to stop and turn it into something positive we think about ourselves,” coach Julia Fisher said.

    Fisher is pleased that a few girls who’ve been part of the program in the past are back this year. Those girls are helping encourage the new members.

    “They’re running a 5k at the end. It’s tough, but we’re creating bonds between now and then so they will encourage themselves and each other,” she said.

    Club member Sarah said she was excited to return for a new season.

    “You get to run, and you meet new people. I really loved the 5k. It helps your energy, your heart and your lungs and it creates sportsmanship,” she said.

    “It’s a wonderful program that’s very empowering because they just don’t focus on running. They focus on positive attributes about themselves,” said Area Director Natalie Jerlecki.

  • 05-15-2023

    Girls On Run Compete in 2023 5K

    Members of the Goshen Girls On The Run team pose in front of large banner. Girls on the Run team members posing on grass.

    We’re so proud of the Girls On The Run participants at the Goshen Club. They have been training to participate in a 5K all spring and got their chance! Great effort by these young ladies in reaching their goal. Their determination has been incredible!