New! STEM for Kids Weekly Resources

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Fun and free resources for families to access from home through our CLUBatHome program.

This week's theme is Electricity.

Electric Girl Watch this video from PBS Learning Media about a girl who loves teaching others about the wonders of electricity.

Watch the Video

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Safe or Not Safe? Play this game from Electrical Safety Foundation International to explore which scenes show electricity being used in a safe way. Play the Game

Portal to Discovery: Electricity

Visit the Electricity portal from ScienceWiz for animations, videos, games, puzzles, simulations, and more about electricity.

Visit the Portal

Shocking! The Science of Static Listen to this podcast to learn what makes your hair stand on end, why you sometimes get zapped when you touch metal, and other info about static electricity. Then see if you can use what you learn to bend water!

Listen to the Podcast

Remote Control Roller

Use a balloon, an empty soda pop can, and static electricity to create your own remote control roller in this activity from The Exploratorium.

Try the Activity

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Join the Energy Efficiency Team

Explore how to be energy efficient as you decode secret messages and solve puzzles in this downloadable activity book.

Download the Activity Book


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