Nappanee Teen’s Artwork Wins National Recognition

Nappanee Teen’s Artwork Wins National Recognition

Girl in front of monitor displaying painting

Nappanee Teen’s Artwork Wins National Recognition

Artwork created by a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Elkhart County’s Nappanee Clubhouse has won national recognition.

Sam Newcomer, 14, created a water-color piece which is being recognized by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s “National Fine Arts Competition” in the 13-15 age group.

The piece features original characters with a Halloween theme.

“It’s so wonderful that Nappanee has an artist like this to represent our Club at this level,” said Bethany Cornell, art supervisor.

“We are so proud of Sam,” said Nappanee Area Director Mandy Gerber. “It’s important for kids to express creative energy and Sam is so creative. It’s great to get acknowledgement for all that hard work.”

Newcomer said art provides unique opportunities to influence others in unexpected ways.

“There are different aspects. With one person, you can tell a story through the art. With a color you can give someone else a feeling. With someone else you might do both.”

Newcomer said art can accomplish a number of things.

“Number one, I get a finished piece which is fun to look at. I can also vent through silly little lines on a page. It’s kind of like being a master illusionist.”

Newcomer said the winning painting was inspired by the Halloween theme.

“It’s easy for me to go off themes. So, I did a character based off myself and one that was random.”

Cornell said the painting will be showcased across the country to help the public understand what Boys & Girls Clubs programs are offering members.

“Sam is an independent creator and has developed such a unique style. It’s so cool. It’s not just a drawing. Sam creates these friends of sorts,” Cornell said.

While developing skills in the field, Newcomer is also engaging with younger members as they learn to create their styles.

“Sam has been willing to help others with difficult concepts. Sometimes it’s as simple as sitting down with them and saying, ‘Look at my hand’ if they’re trying to draw a hand,” Cornell said.

Gerber hopes Newcomer’s recognition sparks others at Club to pursue their passion.

“Getting national recognition is a big deal for Sam and the Club. I hope it inspires other members to participate in things like the National Fine Art Show.”