Middlebury Members Getting Golf Experience

Group of kids post for the camera with golf clubs.

There’s nothing like a fun day on the golf course, and members at the Middlebury Club are getting lessons so they can enjoy that for years to come.

Girl preparing to hit a golf ball while instructor looks on.A group travelled to Meadow Valley Golf Club for a week of hands-on training with the golf pros. They learned how to putt, use the driving range and the various rules of the game.

Middlebury Club Athletics Supervisor Nick Sherk said the goal of the program was simple.

“I’m hoping that the members have fun trying a unique sport that many of them haven’t tried before. A lot of them already told me they wanted to keep practicing, and my oldest member, Libbee Kantz, said she wants to try out for the middle school team. That is a win!” he said.

Young boy swings golf club as adult watches.Sherk said he was impressed by the focus and determination the members showed during the clinic.

“A lot of them progressed quickly within the first two days. I was surprised to see that they aced putting the first day and quite a few made some progress on the driving range. That is usually the hardest part, but they proved me wrong! They learned quickly and always had great attitudes and wanted to be there and have fun,” Sherk said.

Group of kids with golf clubs get ready for swing as adult mentors talk with them.Middlebury Area Director Erin McNeal said it’s important for the Club to offer experiences that get members outside the Clubhouse.

“We want them to appreciate all the Club has to offer, but being able to take them on trips to area businesses and attractions to help them develop their skills like this is an added bonus. It helps them see things in their own community and exposes them to activities they may not always have a chance to experience,” she said.