MEET THE TEAM: Davis Works To Provide Sense Of Purpose

MEET THE TEAM: Davis Works To Provide Sense Of Purpose

Head shot of Antwan Davis

MEET THE TEAM: Davis Works To Provide Sense Of Purpose

Getting to experience things as an adult you didn’t get to experience as a child. It’s one of the side benefits working at Club is providing Antwan Davis.

Mr. A, as the kids call him, is the junior room coordinator for the Elkhart Club. He joined the team after working for the Boys & Girls Club in St. Joseph County.

Head shot of Antwan Davis“I wanted to be an elementary school teacher, but I think you can have a bigger impact working with the kids at Club,” Davis said.

He’s enjoying having his own room to develop programs for the members and is looking forward to the opportunities that presents.

“The extra pressure gives you motivation for growth. It challenges you to do better every day,” he said.

Davis is working to implement activity areas that will appeal to all the kids in the junior room. His goal is to help kids feel like Club is their space.

“I want them to know they matter. If they don’t think they have a space, they will act out,” he said. “Most behavior issues come when kids don’t feel like they have a voice. If you make everyone feel like they matter, it changes the attitude in the room.”

Consistency is a priority for Davis. He said when members see consistent faces and understand consistent rules, it helps build trust. He’s also making sure he’s a positive role model — especially for the young men at Club.

“Men have a reputation for being a little more stern. Women are thought to bring a more nurturing vibe to kids. Being a young male, I think it gives them something they can relate to,” Davis said.

He also wants members to walk away from the Club experience with a sense of purpose — not just inside the Club, but in the world as well.

“You’re guiding them to become something in this world. I want them to have that sense of purpose and confidence,” he said. “I’ve gone through what they’re going through. I understand the challenges they are facing.”