Club Members Try Hand At Building Computer With “Code In Class”

Club Members Try Hand At Building Computer With “Code In Class”

Young boy looking at computer motherboard

Club Members Try Hand At Building Computer With “Code In Class”

We use them every day, but how much do you know about the computers you use? Members at the Elkhart Club are learning what it takes to build one and how they work. They’re taking part in “Code In Class.”

Young girl looking at computer motherboard“They are not only learning about computers, they’re learning how to take them apart and put them back together. They’re getting a better understanding of how they work,” said Elkhart Club Program Manager Kyla Kirkendoll.

Members are working with different codes and determining which ones they need to create images on the screen.

“It helps them get used to something bigger than a phone or iPad. Now they can break things down to figure out where the problem is,” Kirkendoll said.

The program is made possible with help from a student at Notre Dame. He provides the lessons and the equipment needed for the program.

Boy examining computer parts.As students navigate the program, they’ve been surprised to learn the different types of items that are operated by computers – including the giant iWall in their games room. They say they’re excited to build a computer and work as a team.

“I want to see it grow with each thing we do to it,” said Aubree.

“I want to help our relationship with each other as we build the computer,” said Izzaiah.

Members can earn “Space Bucks” for participating in the program. They earn them when they can identify new things they learn or share a discovery with others in the program.

“We want to encourage them to be engaged and show us what they’re learning,” Kirkendoll said.